About Birch Grove Branding

The Birch Grove Story

The Birch Grove Branding president and ownership team’s last name, Burkinshaw, is a locational name deriving from the place called “Birkenshaw” near Wakefield in West Yorkshire. The place name is recorded in 1274 as “Birkenschawe” and means “the birch grove.”

During the naming process of the company (when more than 100 names were tossed around), the definition and history of the last name Burkinshaw was discovered. Simultaneously while sitting in the family’s Loon Mountain, New Hampshire getaway, Carolyn Burkinshaw, mother of president Justin Burkinshaw, was looking out the windows at the numerous birch trees and sent a text message saying “maybe you should do something with birch trees.” Justin resides in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and having birch trees in his own backyard the perfect name was born!

Birch Grove Branding Team

Justin Burkinshaw
Jim Burkinshaw
Chief Operating Officer
Samantha Bergeron
Sales Development Manager
Kaileen Powers
Brand Development Manager
Stephanie Vecellio
Graphic Designer
Message From the President:

Welcome to Birch Grove Branding. Here at Birch Grove, we believe that it is the strong relationships we have with our clients combined with presenting the highest level of innovation in our field that drives the success of our partnerships. We love assisting in building brands whether new or industry staples.

We are committed to the highest levels of customer service and moreover we are committed to the prosperity of your brands. At Birch Grove no project is too big or too small and we work hard every day with the goal of making you successful no matter how that is defined.

With warm regards and appreciation for all our clients,

Justin Burkinshaw