Kit together items of your choosing with creative packaging, or ask about our pre-made kit products

Kitting is the process of combining multiple products together inside your choice of bag, box, or another carton. Kitting is way to provide the professional look and feel of any thematic program. Select your desired products and obtain a quote on the kitted goods. Or send Birch Grove a theme and we will send back a comprehensive product deck with innovative kit options. We enable you to develop a themed package for any purpose. Kitting has a wide range of usages such as gift kits, employee on-boarding kits, full outfitting apparel kits, marketing kits for your sales professionals, and more.

Your promotional goods program, delivered and executed in any way that you require!

Fulfillment is the process of custom arranging the shipping and timing needs of your order. We can hold your purchased inventory and fulfill orders with daily shipping requirement. If you have a product you wish to purchase and include in an employee or customer portal, Birch Grove will handle the back-end execution and get the goods into the client’s hands quickly.



Consistently researching the latest tech available for successful order management technology, we will deliver on your needs.

We offer services to facilitate group ordering and marketplace-based buying. If you want to offer the opportunity to purchase products with orders from multiple parties all over the country, Birch Grove will develop a live order form and the technology to collect all orders.

Bringing ideas to life through custom design services.

With our network and in-house graphic designers we are able to handle any of your artwork and custom art and design needs. We have experience with logo design, custom product development, logo drop and accurate placement, and any additional art services you may need.