Kitting Services

What are kitting services?

We have conducted kitting projects for a variety of promotional marketing needs. Some successful programs have included kitting client gifts, employee appreciation products, outfitting a team, new employee on-boarding packages and more. The goal of kitting products together in an attractive parcel is to provide the end user with a “wow” experience upon opening and to deliver all purchased goods together with a single opening experience.

Birch Grove Branding offers eye-popping kitting services for your branded promotional marketing solutions.

Why let Birch Grove handle your kitting needs?

Kitting can be labor-intensive and take up time, energy, and space if handled internally at your own organization. Allow us to take that off your plate. Pick your goods, pick your carton, and allow us to deliver with excellence. We partner and work closely with our clients to ensure the perfection of each item in the kit. We will sample the kit and provide you with the experience of opening until the kit is just right. Our goal is always to have a satisfied customer and to make you look good with your end user.